Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Christmas time is almost upon us and you know what that means! Gifts! Here's my dream Christmas wish list for this year. I probably won't be getting any of these, but a girl can dream right?!

1-First on the list is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I want one of these so bad! It's a mug made out of an old Nikon/Canon lens! It even has a cap and zooms in and out! If you're not strapped for cash, you can find one of the awesome mugs over here while I go weep.
2-Cute little pearl earrings from Dutchpearl.
3-Unfortunetly this item sold already and I can see why but you can check out Eternal Eden's profile for more lovely goodies over here.
4-I love me a nice headband but this is so gorgeous I need it on my head pronto!
5-I love anything to do with baking or cooking and this of course this applies to my jewellery as well. Unfortunately this particular item sold out but she has some similar ones for sale. Definitely check out PenelopePorch's store, she has some cute jewellery!
6-My favourite flowers are daffodils, so it's no wonder that these would be part of my list! 
7-These have also sold out which is a shame as I've had my eye on these for quite some time now. I love anything that looks 70s retro and the colour palate is quite nice. You can check out corrnucopia's store here for some more vintage goodness!
8- And last on my list, these cute little robot decals! I have a very strange soft spot in my heart for robots so this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside with glee!
Happy Holidays!


Tish said...

I want one of those camera lens mugs soo bad!

Elizabeth said...

That camera lens mug is unbelievably cool. Thanks so much for featuring my necklace. Sorry I'm sold out! :)

jgaylor said...

Thanks for showcasing my robots. :)

I agree on the camera lens mug. Good stuff.

Penelope's Porch said...

Hi Josey!

Thank you so much for including my shop on your adorable blog!

Hope your Holidays are Happy! :)


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