Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Things I'm Loving This Week

I've seen people post these in blogs before and they look like fun to write. I personally like making lists to keep track of all the things going on in my life, but this one gives me a chance to be a bit more creative as well as share some of favorite things.

10. I'm obsessed with Lost! I've been watching from episode #01, however I, like many others, quickly lost interest halfway through season 2 when questions seemed to constantly pile up and answers were few and far between. My hatred of all things Lost managed to stick with me up until this summer when my BF Dave convinced me to watch it with him from the beginning in anticipation of the final season. I'm not so sure if Lost actually belongs in my love category, unless "love to hate" counts. Lost and I have always had a rocky love/hate relationship, but I'm still quite interested to see what the last season will bring us and I sure hope that it will stop disappointing (I didn't really like the first two episodes) and bring on the goodness!
I hope we get a lot more Charlie and Desmond in this season and whole lot less of Jack, whom I'm increasingly hating more with every episode. He's one of the least interesting characters and yet gets the most screen time. I could ramble all day about my hatred of Jack...but I probably shouldn't.

9.  Hamsters! I don't really have any pets; I have a fishy whom I love! His name is Sgt. Pepper and he's yellow in colour with little black spots, but I can't cuddle him. I really want something warm and fuzzy to nuzzle with and since my landlord won't let us have a dog, I've been setting my eyes on cute little baby hamsters! Now if only I could convince Dave...
8. Tea Pot jewelry! Thanks to Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland, teapot jewelry has been popping up on Etsy more than ever and I'm loving it! Now if only I had the cash flow to buy all these pretties...
The last one is just too adorable not to add! Plus it fits in with the whole Alice theme with the mushrooms and all. 

7. Cool decals for apple laptops that incorporate the logo into the art.

6. Colourful tights. I love to wear tights! It's one of the reasons I love winter so much. Colourful tights, as well as unique patterns are fun to wear.
5. Vintage owls. These wooden vintage, hand painted owls are very cute. I love all the details and design that went into making these.
4. Colourful yarn balls. I wish I was super rich so that I could adorn my apartment with beautiful, colour rich yearns.
3. Cute handmade ipod cozies. I'm currently working on making my own, will keep you guys updated on that. Might take a little while because I'm having a hard time figuring out my pattern as I'm trying to create it with my very basic knitting knowledge.

2. Mustaches! Or I should probably be more specific: fake mustaches! They're awesome and quite funny as well as cute depending on what you add them too, like this adorable necklace or those cute mugs!

1. Robot Art! I'm obsessed with robots as well as art so it only makes sense that I would love the combination of the two! I'm always doodling robots into my notebooks and this one makes me smile.



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