Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Things I'm Loving This Week

I've been meaning to upload this for a bit now but I was kinda busy, so here for your enjoyment: 10 awesome things that I'm in love with right now!

10. Spinach salad is one of my new found loves! I have one almost everyday, they are sooooo delicious! Plus I find that it fills me up more than a regular salad and it doesn't get all mushy if you add the dressing in the morning before you leave. I like to put chopped egg, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, chives, and carrots in mine. Sometimes I add pitted sunflower seeds and a bit of pesto with my dressing which of late has been a nice, slightly creamy, roasted garlic dressing.
9. My shower's just neat looking.  
8. Stitch 'N Bitch yarn! Actually the brand is called Stitch Nation, anyway, I almost fell of my chair when I found out that author of Stitch 'N Bitch greatness Debbie Stoller had her own brand of yarn. Unfortunately, it seems to only be available in the States right now, but I'm keeping my hopes up for a Canada release soon. It come in three different kinds of wool and a variety of lovely, bright colours. Just look at the pretties!

7. Christina Hendricks. She's just an amazing actor and such a gorgeous looking woman. I know I've written about her on the blog before, be she's just so great that she deserves a second mention, plus I gotta support a fellow sister of large and natural breasts. I remember talking about her red hair and how I wish mine was such a colour...turns out that Mrs. Hendricks is a natural blond and has been dying her hair since she was a kid. Now if only I could figure out which brand she uses.
6. Vintage typewriters. I've always wanted an old Underwood in working condition.
5. Cute Diana and instant cameras from Urban Outfitters. I want the Diana mini kit bellow!
4. Dave and I have been enjoying a Firefly marathon the last week or so and I always find myself saddened when the last episode plays. I still cannot believe the stupidity that is Fox for ruining such an amazing show. The film Serenity pretty much makes me cry as I know that it is the last that I shall ever know of these great characters. Oh and I want, no scratch that, I NEED to learn how to make Jayne's hat!
 3. Yetis! I have a strange soft spot for these furry mythical creatures; I have a pair of gloves that look like yeti hands that I wear everyday. 
Okay so I know this last one isn't a Yeti, it's actually a Sashquatch, but I mean common! How cute is Quatchi?! He's the best Olympics mascot ever and I have a small plushie of him in my bedroom to snuggle with. 

2. I found this on Gizmodo the other day. What a unique way to "hide" electrical wires.
1. Alice in Wonderland, the iPhone game. I purchased it the other day and its quite fun for an iPod game, could have been cheaper but I'm enjoying it none the less; plus the game play is a decent length. 


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