Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Art Thou Spring?!

I'm currently working on my next knitting project: Leg warmers! and I'm quite excited to see the finished product. I'm going to put them up for sale on my new store which will hopefully be up and running by next week! Until that time, here are a few items from etsy to warm you up on this cold winter day, as we're not so lucky up here in Canada; it's still quite ridiculously cold! Seriously, the trees were all iced over this morning, it looked like a winter wonderland! It was really goregous, but at this point in time, I'm getting quite tiered of the lovely winter time. I only like winter for the fact that I can wear tights more often and for the nice warm hoodies. Plus scarves and pretty hats are really great...

Buttons, buttons, buttons! I love buttons!
I giggled like mad when I saw this! Sooo adorable and made in Canada, yah!! Can be found here

Well that's it for now; I have some homework to catch up on,
Have a nice wintery day!


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