Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Film: 5 out 5
Music: 4 out 5 (not particularly memorable, but also not jammed with a bunch of indie songs, which is good as I kinda hate watching an indie movie full of indie music. It feels like a cop out to get a certain group of people to watch it, and more often than not you hear the same songs after a while.) 
For fans of: 500 Days of Summer, Indie Films
The BF and I rented a couple of movies this weekend and the first one we watched was Adam. A bittersweet, indie movie about a young man named Adam who has a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome. A young woman moves into his building and a love story of sorts ensues. I really liked the ending as it doesn't end how you would expect it to; the character growth leaves you feeling happy for the film's outcome and its characters. 
I was slightly surprised by the IMDB boards however, as most complaints of the film seemed to either be about how the character was too handsome or under/over exaggerated. As far as I can tell, the debate was pretty equal on both sides with a lot of comments by people with Asperger's weighing in.
Frankly I loved every minute of the film. Adam's character came off as slightly strange but very endearing because of the syndrome and almost childlike; in a way I understand Beth's frustration, but I definitely think that she could have been a little bit nicer to Adam, especially since she worked with kids during the day and thus should of had a bit more patience. 
All in all, if you have a chance to see this, go for it. It's a pretty good film which has a few laughs but also warms the heart. 
Oh and definitely check out the alternate ending if you watch it on DVD. I like the original ending better, but Dave and I both agree that the last line from the alternate ending should have been added to the end of the original version. 
Did I mention it stars Hugh Dancy... and he wears an astronaut suit? Awesomeness is what that is, ladies and gents.
Still not convinced? Watch the trailer:


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