Saturday, March 20, 2010

Button Love

I'm seriously one of the biggest button lovers out there! I wish I had mason jars filled with them lying throughout my apartment but alas my collection is not that big. So instead I'm going to share some button love through photography, art and cookies!
If you guys have buttons lying around with nothing to do, I'll gladly take them off your hands! I'm actually going to buy some polymer clay today and try to make my own buttons! How exciting?! Speaking of making buttons, those shortbread button cookies, I NEED to learn how to make those!!!!!
That's it for today,


ahlin said...

those buttons are all so cute! i love the tea cup ones :)

Anonymous said...

Ginger said

Nice buttons especially the top

Lucy Paz said...

Those button cookies look so delicious! Love your blog :)

Josey said...

Wow, so many comments...I'm not used to that. Thanks guys!

ahlin: I love those as well, so adorable!
Ginger: You know how much I love me some buttons! lol
Lucy Paz: Glad to hear you love my blog so much! As for the cookies, not to spoil to much of a good surprise, but I'm planning on making my own version later this week, so stay tuned ;)

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