Sunday, March 28, 2010

Injury and Updates

Hey everyone! So I finally got around to fixing up my Etsy button on left side panel as you can see and I'm still working on making a few Rock, Paper, Knit blog buttons which will hopefully be up and running sometime this week.

I might be bit slow in getting things done because I injured my finger pretty badly yesterday while making shortbread button cookies. Those hand mixers can be a bitch...
So unfortunately there won't be a recipe how-to on those anytime soon, but luckily no blood got into my delicious batter, so I still got to make regular shortbread cookies but I think button shaped would have made them taste even better; just a theory.

I'll be adding a few new items to the shop, hopefully sometime in the afternoon, but definitely check it out! I have a pair of easter themed cupcake earrings for sale!
Since I won't be able to make new jewelry items for a bit, I've been thinking of adding some knitted items to the store, what do you guys think? Specifically: arm and leg warmers as well as a few ideas that have been running through my head.

Out of curiosity, have any of you guys ever gotten stitches or really mangled something? What was your experience like?

I'm taking a sick day and staying in bed with my laptop and bandaged finger until my nurse gets back, aka David.

Have an injury free day!


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