Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Dave and I went to see Alice in Wonderland on opening night and despite the annoying people sitting next to us, we quite enjoyed it. 

Our theatre opened at 6pm and within 10 minutes, the tickets for both 3D showing were sold out. Due to a very slow moving line we had to settle for just regular 2D, which frankly I was quite happy about, as it might have been headache inducing otherwise, what with all of that bright CGI. Plus we had good seats since people were still trying to figure out why they couldn't get tickets to see the 3D version. Seriously, some people weren't getting the fact that it was sold out; it was kind of odd.

Alice in Wonderland was quite a good film, I enjoyed the direction that Tim Burton took and how he managed to make an old beloved story seem kind of new by setting it 13 years after Alice’s original visit to Underland. *SPOILER* Plus she turn quite badass towards the end of the film when she was trying to defeat the Jabberwocky. *END*
I wanted to write a review of the film but then I realized that it was still in its opening weekend and I ought to give people a chance to see it first as I don’t want to give anything away that might spoil it for them.

Hopefully you all have a better viewing experience but definitely take the chance to go and see it, even if it’s in 2D; you can appreciate the visuals a lot more. 

Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment to get you excited:


Josey said...

cool let s go & watch again
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Josey said...

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